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Tommy D's Barber Shop Talk

Barber Shop...An Experience

by Tommy D on 11/10/15

Hey anyone that knows me I'm a quiet, generous, humble dude that works hard and that's how I am as a business owner too. I don't boast about my work or business in general, cause I try my hardest to stay humble and grounded.  Letting our hard work speak for itself.


With that being said, I am Master Barber Tommy D, my Shop on Main St. in Bel Air has been opened about a year and a half.  So put it in your GPS if you don't know where we are and stop in!

... One has to stop in to experience and appreciate the top notch cuts we do in our electric environment!!  Now there's myself and three other Barber/Stylist  I say Stylist with our titles, unlike most other Barbershops, not for the reason that its a Salon also, but the fact that we Style as much as we Barber!!

That statement is important to you, the client, because you are not just going to get a 10 min chop, you are gonna get the works.  Depending on the style/cut you want, which I would say 70% of our clients come in with a picture of a style or cut in their mind of what they want and the amazing thing we do is bring that image/style/cut/look whatever you wanna call it to life and reality!

That's what we do at Tommy D's bring your styles to life, we aren't a cookie cutter B-Shop, in fact that's what inspired me to build the Shop and Business I did. To show there is still real shops out there that have an interest in making people look good and feel good with the beauty and style they have in there minds, with the added bonus of getting to know the clients personally and form friendships.

Its not just a business to make a quick buck as fast as you can and fly through the service and end up not even knowing the clients name when they leave, its about a love for a CRAFT that we Barber/Stylist have and to continue perfecting that craft, while building relationships with people...


Which is out motto and our goal for every client! Thank you for reading...hope to see you soon.

Beard Contest Results

by Tommy D on 04/16/15

The shop hosted a Photo Beard Contest last month using a Facebook App.

This app is very easy to use and displays very nicely.

Tommy D's appreciates everyone who participated by submitting their entries and also to all of the voters.

Contest Photo - Click to see Details  Contest Photo - Click to see Details

Contest Photo - Click to see Details  Contest Photo - Click to see Details

Contest Photo - Click to see Details    

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the WINNERS!!  We hope they all enjoy their prizes!!

Tommy D's Barber Shop & Salon Inc.'s photo.#1 Click and Hit the Like to vote

#1 Click and Hit the Like to vote

#1 Click and Hit the Like to vote        #1 Click and Hit the Like to vote


We are planning another Beard Contest for next year, so stay tuned and keep growing and grooming those beards!!


Tommy D's                           









Beard Oils and Care

by Tommy D on 03/18/15

Taming the Mane...Hello everybody!!

I am going to talk about beard oils and balms.
The brands I use and recommend to my clients are...

Mobtown Mane & Co. and Uncle Jon's Soaps are two brands that are both hand crafted right here in my home state of Maryland.  Uncle Jon's, which is located on the Eastern Shore, offers Bay Rum Beard Oil.  Jon Conley demonstrates how to use Beard Balm.

Mobtown Mane & Co. is made and located on the Chesapeake.

Both of these companies make some excellent products.  We also offer both to our customers at Tommy D's.

A couple of other brands that are very good include, Wild Man by Wild Rose, Honest Amish, The Bearded Bastard and Dream Beard.

We need to pay attention to our beards or eventually they could get a little out of control.  Regardless of the length of your beard, maintenance should be part of your every day routine.

I like washing my beard with an all natural soap.  My favorite being Slick Beard and Body Soap handmade by Honest Amish.  This soap is awesome and can be used for your body as well as your face.

Condition with a balm or an oil.  Experiment with the amount of each, a little goes a long way with the oils.  A couple drops in the palm of your hand and then massage through your beard.  Oils come in various scents, any of which will be sure to please.  Keep your beard trimmed at least every few weeks.

That;s it for today, thanks for checking in!

Tommy D
Tommy D's Barber Shop


Beard Contest - Photo Contest

by Tommy D on 03/05/15

One Week Remains in our BEARD CONTEST...



Guys You Have Nothing To Lose.
No Purchase Necessary!!

Image result for bearded




We already have received some great photos, keep 'em coming.  

Opportunity to win some of the best beard products out there and quality men's grooming services!      


Click this link to view entries and vote!!

Thanks for Participating!!                            


by Tommy D on 03/01/15



1st ANNUAL - 2015

 March 1st thru March 31st









PARTIAL BEARD - Any facial hair,

that is not a full beard, up to 2 inch length

FULL BEARD  - Approx. 2 inch +   length

Winners in these categories will be chosen based on grooming of facial hair and how well the facial hair enhances contestants overall appearance, style and personality.


Winner in freestyle will be chosen based on participants originality and creativity.















PRIZES to include 








Winners will be selected based on how many people Like an uploaded photo and then Ranked by the Contest Owner. The contest ends on the midnight of Contest End Date .

So get your cameras out and shoot a photo that highlights the theme.. This contest is not about clicking the best photo but about bringing out the theme and getting likes to improve your chances...

Get your friends to like the your photo(s). Please make note that the winner is primarily based on Ranking by the Page Owner or the Contest Moderator. The number of Likes on photo will improve your chances to be Ranked.

Our unspoken thoughts

by Tommy D on 02/21/15

Hey everyone welcome back to Shop Talk,

Well today were gonna talk about one of those unspoken issues or in this case it could be called a stereotype.

As kids growing up and becoming young adults we were all taught or made to feel like we should not discuss certain things or subjects openly. What I am getting at here, is something that is always on my mind, as I'm sure many others of my profession (Barber/Stylist/Hair Care Field). 


Why we are under valued or our clients make us feel that our profession is not of the same value as what they do or any other professionals for that matter.

I have been a Barber/Stylist for a few years and have seen this issue first hand in my own experiences quite often. Let me say this before I go any further, this does not pertain to all people and I am just giving my thoughts on this.  I feel this is a stigma in many other professions as well, but I can only speak from my own field and experiences.       

I don't know why certain people feel that a man or women providing a grooming service in which they went to school for studied and earned a degree/certificate, should only charge what there client thinks its worth 
or what there grand pappy paid in 1950.  


Why should this man or women, who has busted there tail to get where they are, just like the lawyer across the street or the construction worker up the road or the government worker be worth or paid less than the top worth for there profession?  Do not misunderstand what I am saying, I am not saying Barbers or Stylists should make what a Doctor or Lawyer makes, but should not be looked at twice to be paid there top worth for a quality job. 

Another part of this that always got me was how some clients will spend hundreds of dollars on shoes, rims on your car, designer clothes etc. but will raise an eyebrow at paying for there once a month haircut/grooming service, in which people see everyday and I feel is more important to your image. The bottom line is, the people in these undervalued professions have kids, family and the high cost of living expenses as well.  

So my whole point talking about this today, is the hope that a few people will read this and relate to it and may be some others will changes there perspective the next time they get there haircut or styled by a professional.

I know there will always be those people who say its just a haircut.  But then they turn around and give you a 10 minute spiel on how they want you to do there hair and then when your done have you make 50 corrections and stare in the handheld mirror looking for any flaws they can hey its just a haircut!!  
That is it for Shop Talk today folks, thanks for hanging.
Tommy D.

How Often?

by Tommy D on 02/18/15

Hello friends, welcome back to Shop Talk,

Today I am discussing one of the most frequently asked questions for our Barber or Stylist, at least this is the one I hear the most... 
                                 "How often should I get my haircut? 

Well there are multiple answers to this question.  The one I believe is the best or should I say most honest, especially coming from a barber, is a cut every 2-4 weeks, depending on the style of the cut and how fast your hair grows. 

The reason I say 2-4 weeks is your hair grows a 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month depending on the persons activities, age, etc. With that being said, keeping this 2-4 week guideline will keep your hair healthy and you looking well groomed. 

Also by keeping up with your hair, it saves times for you and your Barber or Stylist in the long run.  When you sit in that chair, you no longer will have to explain in depth what you get done or what your style is.  This in turn saves you both time. Also he or she will have a guideline to follow from your previous cut, saving added work. 

One last point I wanna make about keeping up with your hair, a fresh haircut makes you feel good, look good and gives a lasting impression. Keep your hair as fresh as possible even if it takes just coming in for a shape up every week or so to keep it fresh.  

That's it for Shop Talk, Thanks for hanging!!  Peace,       Tommy D


by Tommy D on 02/11/15

Hey everyone welcome back to Shop Talk. 

Today I wanna let you guys know about a Beard and Mustache Contest.  This is the shops first contest, so we are trying to keep it simple, have some fun and give everyone an opportunity to win some awesome beard products and bragging rights.  


The winner will become Tommy D's King of the Beards.     


We are going to be promoting the contest on our Facebook page and our website as well.  

The contest is not just based on how long or short the beard is but the whole package, creativeness, style and grooming.   
WHATEVER Works For You..........................
                                                                             So Get Your Beard On!!


The contest will begin on March 1st, all pictures must be submitted by the end of March and winners announced April 1st.  Please send a picture of your beard and or mustache to our Facebook page Tommy D's Barber Shop & Salon, through e-mail, or stop by the shop and we will take the picture and post it for you!!                                               



No purchases or fees required.  We will send acknowledgement of picture receipt.     

Hair Products

by Tommy D on 01/31/15

Hello folks, today on shop talk I am going to talk a little about hair gels, pomades etc.


I know from experience most men do not take the time to find a good hair product, we just go to Wal-Mart or a grocery store, pharmacy etc. and just pick the first one we see or the cheapest one. Then we go to use it and find out it starts to flake up on you part way through the day or night making it look like you have dandruff, lol. Then you have problems with it holding your desired style.
So with all that being said there is an easy solution to this man problem. First you ask your Barber or Stylist there advice,  likely they may have a product on hand that you will like. Also by talking to your Barber or Hair Stylist they can offer you tips on what works best for your type of hair and how to apply it correctly.
 Do not ever hesitate to ask your Hair Stylist or Barber questions. We all know products from a Barbershop or Salon may be more expensive but in the long run using this advice and your Barber/Hair Stylist will save you money because you will not be wasting your time and money on the wrong products. That's it for Shop Talk, Thanks                        Tommy D.


by Tommy D on 01/29/15

Hello everybody, today on shop talk were gonna talk a little about MANSCAPING....LOL. 

This is one of those subjects nobody really talks about openly but its part of the grooming process for men or needs to be!! Oh yea and get your minds out of the gutter were not talking about private areas. What I am talking about is your ear, nose and eyebrow hairs.

I know from working as a barber most men have issues with these three places and either do not address them, talk about them or they just don't know how to take care of grooming these areas. So that being said I have a quick and somewhat easy solution too this problem. I know most men have heard of waxing... oh I know that is just for women we say but your wrong!! They now make a wax for men that is just for your nose hairs and ear hairs. It is a very simple and unembarrassed process that doesn't even hurt.

Now as far as the eyebrows go you can have your barber trim the length up with clippers or scissors and use a straight razor to shape them as needed or have he or she wax them for you. I know we really get flustered when people mention eyebrow waxing but you gotta remember its not just for women and you do not have to get an arch in them, just get them cleaned up.

We offer it at our shop and i am sure most shops do offer this treatment. The thing is we as men need too swallow our pride and take care of these grooming needs because women do not wanna look at your nose hairs hanging out of your nose, a forest in your ears or especially a UNI-BROW!! Okay so as men lets come together and change that stereo type that only women get waxed. Thanks for hanging in the shop. That's it for today. Oh yea if anyone ever needs any tips or advice on any of these subjects your welcome to email me at Thanks again!!                   Tommy D.