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Barber Shop...An Experience

by Tommy D on 11/10/15

Hey anyone that knows me I'm a quiet, generous, humble dude that works hard and that's how I am as a business owner too. I don't boast about my work or business in general, cause I try my hardest to stay humble and grounded.  Letting our hard work speak for itself.


With that being said, I am Master Barber Tommy D, my Shop on Main St. in Bel Air has been opened about a year and a half.  So put it in your GPS if you don't know where we are and stop in!

... One has to stop in to experience and appreciate the top notch cuts we do in our electric environment!!  Now there's myself and three other Barber/Stylist  I say Stylist with our titles, unlike most other Barbershops, not for the reason that its a Salon also, but the fact that we Style as much as we Barber!!

That statement is important to you, the client, because you are not just going to get a 10 min chop, you are gonna get the works.  Depending on the style/cut you want, which I would say 70% of our clients come in with a picture of a style or cut in their mind of what they want and the amazing thing we do is bring that image/style/cut/look whatever you wanna call it to life and reality!

That's what we do at Tommy D's bring your styles to life, we aren't a cookie cutter B-Shop, in fact that's what inspired me to build the Shop and Business I did. To show there is still real shops out there that have an interest in making people look good and feel good with the beauty and style they have in there minds, with the added bonus of getting to know the clients personally and form friendships.

Its not just a business to make a quick buck as fast as you can and fly through the service and end up not even knowing the clients name when they leave, its about a love for a CRAFT that we Barber/Stylist have and to continue perfecting that craft, while building relationships with people...


Which is out motto and our goal for every client! Thank you for reading...hope to see you soon.

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