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Beard Oils and Care

by Tommy D on 03/18/15

Taming the Mane...Hello everybody!!

I am going to talk about beard oils and balms.
The brands I use and recommend to my clients are...

Mobtown Mane & Co. and Uncle Jon's Soaps are two brands that are both hand crafted right here in my home state of Maryland.  Uncle Jon's, which is located on the Eastern Shore, offers Bay Rum Beard Oil.  Jon Conley demonstrates how to use Beard Balm.

Mobtown Mane & Co. is made and located on the Chesapeake.

Both of these companies make some excellent products.  We also offer both to our customers at Tommy D's.

A couple of other brands that are very good include, Wild Man by Wild Rose, Honest Amish, The Bearded Bastard and Dream Beard.

We need to pay attention to our beards or eventually they could get a little out of control.  Regardless of the length of your beard, maintenance should be part of your every day routine.

I like washing my beard with an all natural soap.  My favorite being Slick Beard and Body Soap handmade by Honest Amish.  This soap is awesome and can be used for your body as well as your face.

Condition with a balm or an oil.  Experiment with the amount of each, a little goes a long way with the oils.  A couple drops in the palm of your hand and then massage through your beard.  Oils come in various scents, any of which will be sure to please.  Keep your beard trimmed at least every few weeks.

That;s it for today, thanks for checking in!

Tommy D
Tommy D's Barber Shop


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