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Hair Products

by Tommy D on 01/31/15

Hello folks, today on shop talk I am going to talk a little about hair gels, pomades etc.


I know from experience most men do not take the time to find a good hair product, we just go to Wal-Mart or a grocery store, pharmacy etc. and just pick the first one we see or the cheapest one. Then we go to use it and find out it starts to flake up on you part way through the day or night making it look like you have dandruff, lol. Then you have problems with it holding your desired style.
So with all that being said there is an easy solution to this man problem. First you ask your Barber or Stylist there advice,  likely they may have a product on hand that you will like. Also by talking to your Barber or Hair Stylist they can offer you tips on what works best for your type of hair and how to apply it correctly.
 Do not ever hesitate to ask your Hair Stylist or Barber questions. We all know products from a Barbershop or Salon may be more expensive but in the long run using this advice and your Barber/Hair Stylist will save you money because you will not be wasting your time and money on the wrong products. That's it for Shop Talk, Thanks                        Tommy D.

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