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How Often?

by Tommy D on 02/18/15

Hello friends, welcome back to Shop Talk,

Today I am discussing one of the most frequently asked questions for our Barber or Stylist, at least this is the one I hear the most... 
                                 "How often should I get my haircut? 

Well there are multiple answers to this question.  The one I believe is the best or should I say most honest, especially coming from a barber, is a cut every 2-4 weeks, depending on the style of the cut and how fast your hair grows. 

The reason I say 2-4 weeks is your hair grows a 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month depending on the persons activities, age, etc. With that being said, keeping this 2-4 week guideline will keep your hair healthy and you looking well groomed. 

Also by keeping up with your hair, it saves times for you and your Barber or Stylist in the long run.  When you sit in that chair, you no longer will have to explain in depth what you get done or what your style is.  This in turn saves you both time. Also he or she will have a guideline to follow from your previous cut, saving added work. 

One last point I wanna make about keeping up with your hair, a fresh haircut makes you feel good, look good and gives a lasting impression. Keep your hair as fresh as possible even if it takes just coming in for a shape up every week or so to keep it fresh.  

That's it for Shop Talk, Thanks for hanging!!  Peace,       Tommy D

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