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by Tommy D on 01/29/15

Hello everybody, today on shop talk were gonna talk a little about MANSCAPING....LOL. 

This is one of those subjects nobody really talks about openly but its part of the grooming process for men or needs to be!! Oh yea and get your minds out of the gutter were not talking about private areas. What I am talking about is your ear, nose and eyebrow hairs.

I know from working as a barber most men have issues with these three places and either do not address them, talk about them or they just don't know how to take care of grooming these areas. So that being said I have a quick and somewhat easy solution too this problem. I know most men have heard of waxing... oh I know that is just for women we say but your wrong!! They now make a wax for men that is just for your nose hairs and ear hairs. It is a very simple and unembarrassed process that doesn't even hurt.

Now as far as the eyebrows go you can have your barber trim the length up with clippers or scissors and use a straight razor to shape them as needed or have he or she wax them for you. I know we really get flustered when people mention eyebrow waxing but you gotta remember its not just for women and you do not have to get an arch in them, just get them cleaned up.

We offer it at our shop and i am sure most shops do offer this treatment. The thing is we as men need too swallow our pride and take care of these grooming needs because women do not wanna look at your nose hairs hanging out of your nose, a forest in your ears or especially a UNI-BROW!! Okay so as men lets come together and change that stereo type that only women get waxed. Thanks for hanging in the shop. That's it for today. Oh yea if anyone ever needs any tips or advice on any of these subjects your welcome to email me at Thanks again!!                   Tommy D.

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