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Our unspoken thoughts

by Tommy D on 02/21/15

Hey everyone welcome back to Shop Talk,

Well today were gonna talk about one of those unspoken issues or in this case it could be called a stereotype.

As kids growing up and becoming young adults we were all taught or made to feel like we should not discuss certain things or subjects openly. What I am getting at here, is something that is always on my mind, as I'm sure many others of my profession (Barber/Stylist/Hair Care Field). 


Why we are under valued or our clients make us feel that our profession is not of the same value as what they do or any other professionals for that matter.

I have been a Barber/Stylist for a few years and have seen this issue first hand in my own experiences quite often. Let me say this before I go any further, this does not pertain to all people and I am just giving my thoughts on this.  I feel this is a stigma in many other professions as well, but I can only speak from my own field and experiences.       

I don't know why certain people feel that a man or women providing a grooming service in which they went to school for studied and earned a degree/certificate, should only charge what there client thinks its worth 
or what there grand pappy paid in 1950.  


Why should this man or women, who has busted there tail to get where they are, just like the lawyer across the street or the construction worker up the road or the government worker be worth or paid less than the top worth for there profession?  Do not misunderstand what I am saying, I am not saying Barbers or Stylists should make what a Doctor or Lawyer makes, but should not be looked at twice to be paid there top worth for a quality job. 

Another part of this that always got me was how some clients will spend hundreds of dollars on shoes, rims on your car, designer clothes etc. but will raise an eyebrow at paying for there once a month haircut/grooming service, in which people see everyday and I feel is more important to your image. The bottom line is, the people in these undervalued professions have kids, family and the high cost of living expenses as well.  

So my whole point talking about this today, is the hope that a few people will read this and relate to it and may be some others will changes there perspective the next time they get there haircut or styled by a professional.

I know there will always be those people who say its just a haircut.  But then they turn around and give you a 10 minute spiel on how they want you to do there hair and then when your done have you make 50 corrections and stare in the handheld mirror looking for any flaws they can find...lol...but hey its just a haircut!!  
That is it for Shop Talk today folks, thanks for hanging.
Tommy D.

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