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Tommy D's Barber Shop Talk

Honest Amish Soaps

by Tommy D on 01/27/15

Hey everybody i discovered this new soap for men while looking for products for my shop.The brand is Honest Amish they make a variety of men's grooming products beard wax, beard balms, lip balm, hand moisturizer and soaps. My personal favorite were the soaps which which are organic and hand made. The kinds are Patchouli & Bark and Beard Slick, the part that is really cool is you can wash your beard and body with this soap. Oh i know your saying well dumb ass i can do that with any soap...umm yes you can but not with the results you get from the Honest Amish soaps. The regular soaps like dial, ivory, Irish Spring etc. leave a nasty film on your skin and beard. The HA just leaves your body feeling really clean and at the same time your beard gets the full treatment leaving it conditioned, soft and smelling awesome which women will appreciate. I have been using these soaps for months now and i would highly recommend giving them a try!!       Tommy D.



Tommy D Barber

by Tommy D on 01/27/15

A little insight to my beginning journey of barbering...

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Tommy D's Shop Talk

by Tommy D on 01/21/15

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